Magnetic Gaze

The Magnetic Gaze Level 3 is coming out very soon!

On this Level 3 we’re going to train a much deeper energetic development than the first two courses.

The Magnetic Gaze training series (until now, three levels, but more to come!), is not only an effective system for non-verbal communication, influence and charisma, but it’s also an energetic training that increases your vitality and control over your mind.

You can learn it through a set of natural exercises and techniques handed down from teacher to student from ancient traditions.

Until now, three levels are released:

On Level 1 Foundations we cover the basics so you can start using it on influence and attraction.

On Level 2 Awareness, we increase the power of your gaze with in depth exercises and training with non-suggestible subjects (animals, plants, and so on).

On Level 3 Symbology, we start to dive deeper into the energy development. With what you learn here, you can use it to guide your development in all kinds of energy systems.

And there’s much more to come! The Magnetic Gaze is a very broad and powerful esoteric system.

To start developing your Magnetic Gaze, start with our Magnetic Gaze Foundations course:

Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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