Magnetic Gaze, Terrible Weapon

Today I’m sharing with you what the great French occultist Gérard Encausse, well known by it’s pseudonym of “Papus” has to say about the Magnetic Gaze:“From all the ways man has to influence others, the gaze is certainly the most powerful one.It’s not used only to retain the attention of the person of who we are talking with, and hence, increase the influence we can exert over that person; it’s also a force that, when it’s well understood and directed, can act directly on the other person. It can attract, fascinate, undermine even those who put up resistance and fight.

The gaze, in its full force of penetration and influence, it’s a terrible weapon.

It transports and communicates to other people the vibrations of thought and vital fluid, whose reservoir is the brain.

When used with beasts, the power of the gaze is king. It grabs, annihilate and kills the deadliest animal. It’s action it’s not weaker in man, but it should be intelligently applied and directed”

In esoteric traditions the Magnetic Gaze is well regarded as a powerful influence tool.

It’s a shame that it’s often clouded in occult symbolic language, which makes it unavailable for
most people.

So we created the Magnetic Gaze path which anyone can follow, in a simple, easy to understand
language and exercises.

Get started on the Magnetic Gaze path with the Foundations training:

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