Magnetism and Creativity

In the field of human creation there are those whose works always stand out from others. Their work is infused with an inner power, with a hidden force that find its way out through their writing, painting and all kinds of creative work.You can notice this hidden force even in the thinking aspects. There’s a magnetism found in the world class philosophers that is not found in other thinkers.

Nietzsche, Picasso, Mozart, Beethoven, to name just a few artists and creatives. There’s also, of course, many contemporary artists, philosophers and engineers that stand out with the magnetism of their work.

This is true with many great creators that not only left us their work, but also a deep impression of human power expressed in them.

This kind of human creation is normally considered to be the result of our faculties of human thought, imagination and feeling.

Yet, these works points us to another aspect of it.

One that make their work stand out and other type of work go into neglect. The connection of their work with a deeper Will and Magnetism.

There are many other artists gifted with talent and great imagination and intelligence, yet, their lack of connection with magnetism and Will don’t allow them to stand out.

They don’t allow their Will and their own Magnetism to flow through them into their own work. When they create something, there is an intangible sense of something missing in their works.

A lack of magnetism and Will.

When we are connected to our magnetism and Will, everything we do become embedded with it.

But this connection is not just with our own Magnetism… but to the Universal Magnetism.

But that’s a topic for another email 🙂

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