Magnetism and text messages

A student asked me about magnetism and its interplay with text messages, and I found it important to explain it in detail for you as well.

Everywhere there is human interaction, there is an exchange of energy.

When you read a book from 3000 years ago, you can feel the energy from its author. The same happens with a poem, a sculpture, a painting, etc.

Creations of people always have their energy associated with them, and the more you invest in those creations, the more others can feel it.

Now, when you are live interacting with someone, you have their full attention and energy right there (ideally, of course). You can feel them through their eyes, gaze, voice, etc.

In a phone conversation (considering you also have their full attention), even though there’s no physical presence, you can still feel the energy and have a good energetic exchange.

If I write you an actual physical letter and put my energy into passing you a message, you’ll still be able to feel it, but much less than a focused phone conversation or a live interaction.

If we go further, an email – just like this one – if I place my full focus, you can probably still feel a part of it, considering that I’m investing my energy into writing a worthwhile text for you instead of something automatically generated by AI.

But still, this email is much more reduced than a phone conversation or even a handwritten letter that I can send you since it’s mediated from the computer and a screen, and there are no actual material traces of something I touched or created.

How about a sentence on a phone? Like a text message.

Well, this is the bare minimum human energetic exchange you can have. You can imagine that I send you this email with a one-sentence abbreviated short text: “Text messages not good for magnetism. Use live interactions.”

Surely you can feel something – as all human creations have this inherent energy – but it’s so reduced and so shielded (behind a phone or computer) that the magnetism is almost all stripped away from it. Not to mention that it’s much easier to misread the energy quality since you’re much more prone to your own biases due to the lack of energy input from the other side.

In short, although you can feel and send some energy with text messages, the energetic interplay is so reduced, so minimal, and so prone to errors that it’s hardly worthwhile to attempt it.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use text messages or that I don’t use them – naturally, I do, just like everyone else. Just don’t treat them as important energetic carriers, nor pay much attention to their magnetic effects as an actual real-life interaction. Otherwise, being fooled by your biases will be quite easy.

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