Magnetism as Excess Vitality

Magnetism is, in fact, an “excessive vitality”.The word excessive is not used here in a negative way, to mean the extreme limit of vitality. It intends to say a degree of vitality that exceeds the common conditions of vigor and energy that are now prevalent in society.

In other words, a bigger vitality and power than those around you.

People around you are, more often than not, in a state of passiveness. Having magnetism is then, a step up
over the energy of others around you.

It’s inevitable to stand out when your vitality is powerful. When your voice, gaze, movement and even your personal space, transmits a sense of power, it’s easy to be charismatic.

When your intention is stronger, and your voice just fills the room – not by screaming, but by its power –
magnetism is a natural consequence.

You can notice this all around you. Notice those who you consider magnetic. How is their vitality? How is their overall power? They just seemed infused with life energy.

They live with “excessive vitality”.

Their voice is alive. Their gaze is alive. Their movement is alive. Everything is bright and powerful.

No wonder they can reach success in this life. It’s like everyone wants to be around them. Women are easily seduced and men want to be their friends. Everyone wants a tiny bit of their vitality.

The good news is that this vitality it’s made of habits. The same way passiveness is. And as we developed the
passiveness habits, we can also develop the vitality habits.

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