Magnetism is an unfair advantage in life

Magnetism gives you an unfair advantage in life. This is quite easy fact to prove.

I’m sure you’ve all been in situations where someone else – just because he was more magnetic and charismatic – got away with something that shouldn’t have.

Or achieved something, while you (or someone else) deserved it more.

This – fortunately for those who have magnetism and unfortunately for the rest – is a common situation in many areas of your life.

Even in getting jobs.

But why does this happen?

Because we’re dealing with humans. Hence, we’re all bounded by what we feel more so than what we think.

If you are applying for a job, you enter that job interview and talk with a human. If you are magnetic and cause a great impression, your chances to get that job increase exponentially.

Even if someone else has a better CV than you, still, your odds now become quite good because of your magnetism.

This only happens because you are handling with a human. If it’s a machine doing the whole selection, your magnetism wouldn’t matter all that much.

But we’re all prone to this. We all tend to like more and connect more with someone that is magnetic. And hence, give this person more opportunities in life.

What we feel is a much more important first impression than the rational side. The rational side is merely going to confirm the first feeling we get.

If you have magnetism, you establish a great first impression. You project your magnetism toward the other person, making them feel good (or sexual, depending on your magnetism). Thus, you get an advantage with that person, particularly if you want something from him or her.

I know this is not fair for the others who are not magnetic. Especially if it’s a job interview and maybe you even have a better CV, and someone else got the interviewer to feel good and got the job instead of you. Definitely not fair. But that’s how it works.

We can complain about it as long as we want, but it’s not going to change the reality that we’re all humans and hence, prone to this magnetic effect.

My choice – instead of complaining – was to develop my own magnetism.

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