Magnetism is not an effort

Magnetism is not an effort. It flows, and it’s easy.

It may not look that way, particularly in the beginning, where the different exercises can be hard to accomplish.

But magnetism in itself is not effortful.

If it’s taking effort to continue being magnetic, then something needs to be fixed. It means the wrong mental, bodily, and energetic habits are in place, and you still have leaks and blocks.

Leaks and blocks are what drain your magnetism away, which will then force you to have to gain more.

But you don’t exactly need that if you don’t waste it.

In other words, if you fix your blocks and magnetic leaks, the magnetism will continue inside you.

Otherwise, it’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket, and in that case, yes, magnetism will seem very hard indeed.

Particularly if you (regularly) feel drained at the end of the day, with no magnetism, when it was quite powerful in the morning… You know you have leaks and blocks.

It’s easy to understand how it happens.

Just think about what happens if you walk around daily with a tense fist. Your hand is closed tightly and very tensely. All day long.

If you try it for a few minutes, you’ll notice how tired you become. After a while, you start to lose energy.

It’s expected that you become more tired when you have tense muscles. An energy contraction is like a contracted muscle (sometimes it is a muscle as well!), so it’s slowly stealing energy away from you.

That’s why you lose your magnetism.

It’s not because the exercises are weak, you are doing them wrong, or any other aspect. The most common culprits are the blocks and leaks you might have inside of yourself that slowly drain away your magnetism.

Remember, magnetism is effortless and flows well. If it’s hard for you, you must become more aware of your blocks and leaks.

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