Managing internal energies

Managing our internal energies is probably our most challenging task as magnetic individuals.

All these energies inside give us impulses to do specific actions and behaviors. More often than not, these behaviors do not contribute to the full unleashing of this energy.

Let’s take sexual energy as an example – one of the strongest energies we have inside.

Sexual energy is a natural energy of the human body. We all feel it one way or another. It’s an energy of LIFE, as all life depends on it.

The problem is all the restrictions that were put in place in our society. These restrictions create internal blocks and leaks that prevent the full inner expression of sexual energy.

Of course, we need to restrict sexual behaviors – otherwise, our society wouldn’t be a nice place to live. We need restrictions on the uncontrolled use of any energy, including sexual energy.

As a ridiculous example, let’s say you start getting sexually aroused in a business meeting. Should you now find a way to have sex right there? Of course not. So a restriction of sexual energy is necessary.

But simultaneously, I’m arguing that these restrictions create internal blocks and prevent our sexual magnetism from fully unfolding. This seems like a catch-22 – you can’t really win.

So what gives?

Although we need behavior restrictions – to prevent societal chaos – we don’t precisely need internal ones.

The problem is only focusing on what we can’t DO without explaining how to handle the internal impulses. Society tells you NOT to do something, but no one tells you exactly what to do with the impulse and energy pushing you to do it.

That’s the real issue.

Hence, the key is to internally feel the energy without necessarily needing to externally act on it. External actions should only happen when you decide it’s the right time for them.

Just because you feel the energy, you don’t need to externally act on it. You do need to allow the energy to flow internally without restrictions. But this doesn’t force you to act.

In another example, just because you may feel the aggressive impulse to punch a coworker in the face because of some wrong action on his part, it doesn’t mean that you should do it. It also doesn’t mean that you should repress that aggressive impulse (which will only come back later in a stronger way!).

Instead, you need to feel the energy inside and allow it to flow without restrictions. Feel it deeply and completely – without having to actually punch someone – and you’ll see it naturally subside.

But of course, there’s a lot to be said and experienced with these energies. And that’s what we do in our courses. To understand your sexual energy, start with the course:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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