Manifestation and Magnetism

Magnetism seems like it’s a different thing from manifestation. But it’s not. In fact, they are two sides of the same coin.

They are both about expressing – and externalizing – your energy.

That’s why manifestation can be an easy step up for anyone who understands and trains personal magnetism. The skills are similar.

In personal magnetism, you first develop your energy inside, ensuring it flows as it should, and then externalize.

The goal is to develop inside what you want to attract on the outside.

Seems similar to manifestation? That’s because it is. Same goal, but with essential nuances.

First, in personal magnetism, you influence and attract the people close to you. You are projecting your magnetism like a fragrance.

In manifestation, the priority is less on the people you meet daily. Hence, the direct aspect of projection has different importance.

It’s a much more broad and more generalized externalization of the energy. It’s like sending a message to outer space rather than talking with a friend.

This has implications for the training and development of your energy. But still, the overall principles are the same. If you already have some experience with working with energy, you only need a slight boost to work with manifesting what you want. This is what we do in Magnetic Manifestation – building on your current knowledge to take you a step further.

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