You don’t attract what you want, but what you are

James Allen, the author of the classic work “As a Man Thinketh”, wrote:“Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are”

This sentence is more accurate than ever.

With all the latest trends of “The Secret” everyone keeps thinking that they can attract everything to their lives merely by wanting them.

Wouldn’t this be nice?

We merely want something, and it would show up at our doorstep.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. As you know, Charisma School is heavily based on New Thought philosophy of people like James Allen, William Walker Atkinson, Charles Haanel, Thomas Troward, and so on.

And what they tell you, is NOT that wanting is enough, no, you actually have to change your inner reality in order to become worthy of what you want to achieve.

In other words, the same way that to hear to a particular station on radio you have to tune in the right frequency, it’s the same with the things you want.

Otherwise, no change or manifestation can take place.

You’ll constantly sabotage yourself in order for the external reality fits the internal one.

I’ll give you a very clear story.

I have a student who always had a hard life, money issues, family issues, bad influences around him and so on. I started working with him and slowly his life started to improve. New and good paying job, better friends, among other improvements.

We obviously did it the hard way: by changing his own inner mindset regarding many things. But the interesting thing was, in the beginning, when something improved, something else seemed to worsen.

For example, he was just getting rid of his bad influences, when he started to steal groceries from the coffee shop where he worked leading him to be fired.

When he got a new high paying better job, he started to smoke and eat fast food everyday causing his health to deteriorate.

And many other examples like this.

He was sabotaging himself to remain in the only reality that he knew. In other words, he kept tuning in to the same radio station!

It took a lot of hard work – from the both of us! – in order to change his inner reality, so that he could actually grow and achieve what he truly wanted to achieve!

It’s every easy to dismiss this example as a very obvious one, something that can never happen to you.

Yet, it happens to all of us on a daily basis, in a bigger or lesser degree if we are not vigilant.

Ask yourself: are you really growing in a whole way? Do your external conditions reflect these changes? Are you achieving what you want to achieve?

Honest answers to the questions above will give you the answer you seek, but it’s much easier someone from the outside to spot how you are sabotaging yourself.

Ever asked yourself why most people just remain in same state and conditions their whole lives?

Even if you win the lottery, after a short while, studies show that you’ll be right back where you started, since this is where your inner reality is.

If your inner radio has one frequency, the outer radio will keep coming back to it.

It takes a big deal of effort to change this inner reality.

It’s a 24h/7 days a week kind of work!

It’s possible but hard!

Which is pretty much what we train at the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

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