Manifestation is always happening

You may think that manifestation is some technique that you do.

But it’s not. It’s simply your magnetism at work.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are always manifesting something.

Manifestation is always happening since we are constantly attracting what we are inside.

This doesn’t mean we attract everything that happens to us (hint: you haven’t manifested a global pandemic). Still, many apparently random life events can be caused by our own energy.

That’s why it’s essential to understand and become aware of what we indeed are inside. This is much more than taking a bunch of personality tests. Instead, it’s going to the building blocks.

Your energy.

What exactly are you feeling, and how’s your energy moving and behaving inside.

Unlike your rational mind, your energy tells you the truth, which creates stories and intellectual reasons to justify your behaviors.

It doesn’t matter what the intellectual reason is; it matters what your energy tells you and what you genuinely have inside yourself.

That’s why we focus so much on energy awareness. It’s not just for personal magnetism; it’s the key to everything, including magnetism, manifestation, inner power, or self-knowledge.

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