Mental Toughness Training Course Introduction and Framework (Video 1)

This is Video 1 of the “Mental Toughness Training for World Class Achievements” ecourse.

This video is an introduction to Mental Toughness Training – what is it, what are the benefits for developing it and what is the framework that this course will follow. Mindset, Mind Training and Body/Mind Relaxation are the three keys of this program.

The Mindset section we’ll discuss the optimum beliefs and assumptions for mental toughness. It will be important to question your own beliefs and motivation for the activity that you’re pursuing.

The Mind Training section we’ll explain how you can train your mind to develop this mental toughness… I’ll explain you the tools and techniques for your mind that you’ll be able to use regularly.

In the Body and Mind Relaxation section I’ll share simple exercises you can use to relax your body when you need it and one exercise specifically that you can use to transform all the anxiety before some kind of performance or special event, into GOOD energy that you’ll be able to use in that event for optimum performance.


You can watch this video on YouTube by clicking the link below:

Develop Mental Toughness Training Course – Introduction

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