methods for increasing your energy awareness

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Does your energy awareness increase as you consciously practice in the real world or do you need to do “alone practices” constantly?”

This is actually a “Yes” for both.

You see, your energy awareness increases as you consciously practice in the real world, but this real world practice is not “in depth”, it’s much more superficial due to all the distractions you – naturally – have around you.

You can’t possibly go much deeper into your energy as you are interacting with someone else, or looking around the many distractions that exist in the world.

But it increases in the sense that you have access to energy feelings that you wouldn’t have in your alone practice. And that opens up your awareness in a more broad sense.

The energy of someone who is sexually attracted to you, it’s quite different than the energy of someone who is arguing with you – sometimes it’s from the same person (!)

The same way, you feel completely different in these situations.

The different feelings that you experience increases the range of what you know and understand. The more of them you become aware of, the more you can control (and also unblock inside of you).

The problem is that you can never go deep into this energy inside of you if you only work with it in the real world. Just think about how sometimes you only feel this for a few seconds while someone else is interacting with you.

Barely any time to explore this feeling – which is completely normal of course. You can’t exactly say to the person in front of you: “Just give me a few minutes while I process this energy intake.”

So by using different energy “alone practices”, you solve this issue by taking time out of your day to go as deep as you can inside your energy, particularly to process the energy from your day.

You can focus fully on it without any other distraction.

It’s on your time alone practicing that your awareness increases in terms of depth, then in the real world you solidify it.

In other words, you’ll feel the energy much more in the external world as your “depth” practices increases.

Overall I would recommend a regular practice of energy practices that allow you to go as deep as you can go in your energy BUT without neglecting the external awareness in the real world.

So you need both.

But of course, you may reach a point that you don’t want to go much deeper in terms of your energy awareness. And that’s perfectly fine.

Then you won’t need this regular practice. A sporadic one is doable.

Simply having this real world practice is probably enough to keep some part of what you have. But it’s very much related to what you want to get out of it.

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