Is your mind alert or asleep?

Any magnetic person needs a keen and alert mind. You can’t be magnetic if your mind is asleep and zombie like.This can be seen in your usual day to day life.

Are you usually day dreaming, lost in your thoughts? Or are you sharp and attentive?

Are you attentive to what others are telling you or do you often get sidetracked in the conversation?

Do you get lost while reading a book? Do you have to re-read the same passage more than once? Or do you apprehend the concepts easily?

Can you begin and end a task you decided to do without getting distracted?

Do you establish and achieve the goals you set out to do or do you quit?

Magnetism is attracted to aliveness… not dullness. Aliveness is seen everywhere, and your mind, thinking and attention is no exception.

Dullness kills the magnetism in anyone. That’s why binge watching a TV series can only harm your own personal magnetism. You become dull and passive. Anytime your mind is passive, it’s not generating magnetism.

There’s nothing wrong in a few passive moments, but you want a predominance of activity and aliveness! You want at least 90% of your day in a state of alertness. Depending on the current state of your mind, this might take some work. But once you get into the habit of being alive, then it becomes your new “normal”, and no further effort is needed.

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