Mind Control

Mind control is a hot topic everywhere. In this article I’m not going to discuss the possibility of controlling the mind of another person like a puppet, rather I’m
focusing on the possibility of influencing it with your ideas. Of swaying them to one direction rather than another while retaining their free will.As Prentice Mulford puts it: “No control is more complete than when those who are ruled by others think themselves entirely free”

This type of mind control is ruled almost entirely by thought energy and power.

If your thought has more strength and more energy than mine, it will also have a stronger effect on me or on others rather than mine.

In fact, the more energy and force your thought has, the greater the influence it has on others.

Remember, it’s not the idea or concept in itself, it’s the energy behind a thought. There’s people in history who convinced others of the most preposterous things only because they’ve placed enough energy behind that thought and they knew how to project this energy.

Your obvious question most likely is: how on earth do I increase the power and energy of a thought?

That’s indeed the million dollar question.

The first step is getting the energy yourself. If you don’t yet have this energy and inner power, is very hard to do anything.

This is where the 10 Steps to Inner Power comes in. It gives you the necessary energy to be strong first where it really matters, inside of yourself, and only then, with others.

10 Steps to Inner Power

The second step is learning how to project this energy and display it to the external world. This is where Personal Magnetism comes in: increasing the power of your voice, of your touch, of your movements, of your personal space, among others.

Personal Magnetism

After both of these trainings, you’ll be able to naturally and effortlessly influence someone with the energy behind your thoughts, simply because your inner world is now powerful and you now know how to project it to the exterior world.

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