Can your mindset hinder charisma?

Question from reader:

“if a person has charisma, are they charismatic every day or can their mindset hinder their charisma on certain days?”

Inevitably, the mindset can hinder the charisma.

If you are filled with feelings of insecurity, the charisma will naturally fade away.

If, little by little, due to life events, your mind becomes clouded with negative feelings, negative emotions and your energy less infused with the positivity and power needed for charisma, of course, the charisma will fade away.

Your mind always influences your energy (although the opposite is also true).

That’s why at Charisma School, we place a big importance on Inner Power. To teach you how to handle the negative situations that happen to all of us in our life, while maintaining a strong and powerful mind.

It’s important that you connect with your true source of Inner Power and self-confidence, so that you can
maintain stability in your charisma and personal magnetism.

Otherwise, your charisma will fluctuate with your moods.

Which as we can all imagine, it’s not a good thing, since who can guarantee you that you’ll be in a good mood on any given day?

What if on the day that you’ll need the most – let’s say an important presentation – you are on a bad mood? What then?

If you connect with the true source of Inner Power as taught in the 10 Steps to Inner Power course, we can avoid this kind of situations.

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