Energy projection is not just a minor visualization in your mind. Something that you imagine and hope that somehow the energy gets through.

New Age type of books and techniques make it seem all very “airy”, something like:

“Visualize a great white light coming down on you and out through your hands”

All this can be great IF – and only IF – there’s an actual feeling accompanying the visualization.

And this is feeling must be something as clear as a hammer hitting your hand.

If it’s a vague or indistinct type of feeling (as in: “Maybe I feel something here”), then you’re not doing it right and will only get vague results as well. Sometimes it can work, sometimes it doesn’t.

And that’s NOT our approach. Energy training is hard enough as it is to only get half-assed results. If you’re going to spend your time doing it, might as well do it right with powerful results.

And if you want powerful results, you need powerful feelings inside of yourself. Not vague and indistinct.

Sexual energy has a very distinct feeling. The same with Tension energy.

None of them are vague or faint and can be accurately described.

Projection of the energy feels inside of you as vague as a bad tooth ache. You can feel it clearly and very precisely.

Visualization can work against this powerful feeling. You’ll be much more focused in your mental images that you’ll forget what is the most important. And particularly for those with little energy experience, they can fall into a rabbit hole that is hard to get out.

They get used to a vague energy feeling from their visualization and think that they are doing it correctly. It can set back the training for years!

That’s why we don’t recommend to start energy training with visualization.

As powerful as it can be, we find it more efficient to start with the feeling aspect of the energy. Moving energy through your Will alone, which is what we do in the Vitality and Energy Training.

After you get the correct feeling, then you’ll be able to use visualization if you want to and understand what you have to do to get something out of it.