Do you need to create a new persona?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Do you need to create a persona to become sexually magnetic?”

The short answer is No.

You don’t need to create a persona or be an actor.

But you do need to change.

As much as I would like to tell you that you can become sexually magnetic while remaining the exact same as you are now, I would only be creating an illusion in you.

If the person you are now is not magnetic, naturally some change must happen.

But it’s not a change in personality. You don’t need to become an extrovert, nor a “bad guy” or anything of the sort.

You also don’t need to change your activities. It’s not like you now need to change jobs or quit your volunteer work at the church!

But you do need an energetic change.

You need to seek different energetic rewards in social interactions and inside yourself.

Is this a new “persona”?

No. This is an actual change in you. It’s something that feels weird in the beginning – simply because it’s completely different than what you are used to experience and feel inside of you, but once it “clicks”, you’ll never be the same.

When you know what type of energy to “seek” from interactions, the sexuality will emanate from you regardless if you are talking about the good weather outside or the latest star wars movie.

Sexual magnetism is an energetic quality. Not a personality one.

But some common sense apply.

If you are stuck at home without going out, as you can imagine not many sexual opportunities can arise in your life. So unless you are planning on seducing pizza delivery women, some adaptations to your life must happen.

If you can’t maintain a normal interaction with another human being, then you need to train these basic social skills first.

This energetic training is not suited for cavemen but for any normal individual in the world.

A new sexual energy training is coming out next week that deals precisely with this energy change and external sexual energy projection.

More information soon!

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