Needs and fears affecting your magnetism

Last week we discussed the main problem of being driven by your impulses and needs.

We concluded that the real issue is you’re not truly free to choose your path and make decisions in life. You lack freedom because you’re constantly overpowered by your animal impulses, desires, and fears.

But what about magnetism? How does it play into this, and why should you care?

There’s a clear answer and a less obvious one.

The clear answer is that you won’t be able to change the same behaviors that are making you un-magnetic in the first place.

If you keep being driven by the same impulses, fears, and needs, changing your behavior to magnetic ones will be quite challenging.

You’ll be consistently unaware of the internal drives that push you into action. Consequently, you remain stuck in an un-magnetic state with little control over what happens inside.

The less obvious answer is about the nature of magnetism which is all about expansion, while fulfilling needs has a contracting effect. When you’re driven by your fears, impulses, and needs, your magnetism can’t expand because it’s constantly being pulled to contract by them.

For instance, think about what happens when you’re anxious – something inside is contracting. Or when you have a needy sexual desire, something inside is also contracting.

True magnetism and sexual magnetism are about energy expansions, not contractions. The more of these unconscious contractions you have, the less magnetic you become. In other words, the more you’re driven by your fears, impulses, and needs, the less magnetic you become.

Hence, the importance of reaching a state where you can be free, with an expansive, abundant nature in your behaviors and actions, rather than a contracting, needy nature to them.

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