New year preparation!

I’ve written before about my end of the year ritual in here and here.

It’s a simple “ritual” where I analyze the year coming to an end, and establish the objectives for the new year.

It gives me closure and prepares me for a new cycle.

I highly recommend you to do something similar. If not in the new year, then maybe in another date that makes sense to you.

Either way, it’s an activity that is psychologically important.

One thing I haven’t mentioned before, it’s that I also organize very well my surroundings and my environment: house, desk, phone, everything.

I try to make a clean start, as much as possible, in every sense of the word (obviously without being obsessive about it).

I make sure every loose end is tied and there’s little “noise” from the past year transition to the new year.

It’s impossible to do it on all issues from the past year since some of them won’t depend on you. But whatever it’s dependent on me, I’ll wrap them up – if I can.

You know those chores you’ve delaying for quite a while due to a myriad of reasons? When the end of the year starts to approach, I’ll finish them.

Is there a decision you need to take that you’ve been delaying? Take it before the end of the year.

The goal is to wrap up and tie those loose ends as much as you can. Take advantage of the psychology of the fresh start.

Happy New Year!

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