New Years Resolutions

The new year is the time when everyone decides their new year resolutions.Everyone establishes their goals.

At least for the first couple of weeks of the year!

Yes, because they tend to be forgotten even before the end of January.

The first week is always the best. What you established is followed strictly.

Your motivation is at its peak.

Then it starts to go downhill.

Suddenly, those cookies start to look very tasty!

And the mornings very cold to exercise.

Excuses start to come up.

By the end of January, you may try to “adjust” the resolution to a softer schedule. Maybe exercise twice a week instead of four. Or three cheat days instead of one. Or maybe meditate on the weekends instead of during the week.

By February they tend to be completely forgotten.

It doesn’t quite matter how motivated you are for this New Year resolutions, if your Inner Power and Will are not there, the motivation will only die down.

The Inner Power is what gives you the mental control and mental structures to be able to handle the though times: the cold mornings the cravings, the laziness, and so on.

And for that, it also doesn’t matter when you start to achieve what you want to achieve, whether if you do it in the New Years or in August.

If you have Inner Power, all the times are good since you don’t rely on motivation, or divine inspiration!

You rely on yourself only. And that’s all that matters!

Enter the new year developing the only skill that matters: your Inner Power. Start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here:

How to Build Inner Power

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