Nice Guy vs sexual guy

There’s a belief that in order to be an attractive man to women, you need to be a jerk. Or a bad boy.

“A nice guy always finishes last” – it’s the common belief.

That’s not correct. It’s important to break that belief.

You can be a nice guy, yet, very sexual.

You can have inner power, and “be nice”.

Fortunately, you don’t need to dress a leather jacket, ride a motorcycle and treat others like dirt in order to be sexual.

It’s important to remember that sexual attractiveness is not associated to treating someone else badly.

Being sexual is a whole different skill.

But why are “bad boys” usually associated with sexual attractiveness and “nice guys” aren’t?

There’s a reason for that. In fact, jerks tend to have more sexual magnetism than nice guys.

But not (only) because of their jerky behavior (and the emotional ups and downs), but because they tend to express themselves more freely than the typical “shy nice guy”.

In general, sexuality flows a lot better in these conditions. When you are not afraid of expressing your sexuality, then you’ll naturally emit more sexual magnetism.

If you are holding yourself back then you’ll naturally emit less sexual magnetism.

But you can project sexual energy without reservations and be a “nice guy” if you just allow yourself to be free in these type of projections.

Once you can do this, then you can be sure you’ll have a lot more success in your dating and sexual life because you’ll be one in a million: a sexual gentleman.

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