Nothing is impossible to the man who can Will

Here’s an excellent quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“O Well for him whose Will is strong!,” writes Tennyson, and the poets of all nations and times have sung the same song. Tennyson well voices this human regard and admiration for the power of the Will. He tells us again: “O living Will, thou shalt endure, when all that seems shall suffer shock.”

The Will of man is a strange, subtle, intangible, and yet very real thing that is closely connected with the inmost essence of his “I.”

When the “I” acts, it acts through the Will. The Will is the immediate expression of the Ego, or “I” in Man, which rests at the very seat of his being. This Ego, or “I” within each of us—that inmost self of each one of us—expresses itself in two ways. It first asserts “I Am,” by which it expresses its existence and reality; then it asserts “I Will,” by which it expresses its desire to act, and its determination to do so.

The “I Will” comes right from the center of your being, and is the strongest expression of the Great Life Force within you. And in the degree that you cultivate and express it, is the degree of positivity that you manifest. The person of weak Will is a negative, cringing, weakling, while he of strong Will is the positive, courageous, masterful individual in whom Nature delights and whom she rewards.

The human Will is an actual living force. It is just as much an active force of Nature, as is Electricity. Magnetism, or any other form of natural force.

Will is as real an Energy as is gravitation. From atom to man, desire and Will are in evidence—first comes the desire to do a thing, and then comes the Will that does it. It is an invariable law pervading all natural forms, shapes, degrees of things—animate and inanimate.

Nothing is impossible to the man who can Will—providing he can Will sufficiently strong. And as Will depends so very much upon one’s belief in his ability, it may be said that all action depends upon belief. One does not Will unless he believes that he has a Will.

And many a man of inherent strong Will does not express it or exert it, simply because he does not realize that he possesses it. It is only when the necessity arises from some new unexpected demand for the exercise of the Will, that many men realize that they really possess such a Will. To many, alas, such a necessity never comes.”

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