Our true freedom

You may think that animals have all the freedom in the world; after all, they can roam around wherever they want and do whatever they want.

But that’s not 100% correct.

Just think about it.

All animals live conditioned by their instincts. They will do their best to find a mate if it’s mating season. If they need to eat, they will hunt. If they need to sleep, they will do so.

They are following their impulses without any control or choice.

Good luck in arguing with a wild, hungry lion.

Of course, they can be tamed and trained – you can potty train them, make them eat at a specific schedule, or do summersaults in a circus. But still, it’s only changing the conditioning to different impulses. They are still forced to follow their impulses and instincts.

On the other hand, we are the only species in the world with the luxury of freedom and choice.

Without external training, you can decide not to eat for a few days. Even if you are surrounded by food.

You can decide not to follow your mating instincts.

In short, you can break your conditioning – if you choose to.

This is a privilege no other species in the world has – the privilege of freedom.

Whether we follow through on that freedom or follow our impulses instead it’s a different matter… but we CAN do it.

We were given awareness and a Will allowing us to look at our situation and decide the best course of action.

That’s true freedom, and this is the freedom we train in Will Mastery.

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