Overtraining in Personal Development

Often times I see students being too hard on themselves and constantly be in an “effort mode”.

It’s like there’s no rest and you should be practicing or improving yourself every minute of the day.

This creates a tension in the mind that leads to a decrease of your own good tension energy (and increase of your negative stress energy).

As you might expect, this leads to a similar reaction to overtraining. In any physical training, there’s a point where you need to stop and rest. You can’t just keep running or exercising 24/7, otherwise your muscles simply reach a point of diminishing returns.

In our own training, whether it’s of inner power, sexual magnetism, or magnetic gaze we have the same danger.

At some point, your mind will rebel against your efforts and will sabotage the whole thing.

The secret is to understand yourself and your own needs.

There is a balance you need to find between respecting your own needs and what you want to achieve.

If you are a heavily introverted person, attempting to be in heavily social situations 24/7 will create a heavy burden in you.

A better option will be to put yourself in social situations in a part of your day, while relaxing and re-center yourself in the rest, without any further effort on you.

Failure to do it and attempting to constantly be involved in “effortful” activities will lead to overtraining and frustration.

You can only “force yourself” for so long. At some point, you will reach a breaking point.

That’s why some students have a ping-pong progress. They become deeply involved in exercises and experiments for a few weeks or a month with hours each day devoted to this development, only to give up everything the following month.

They have reached their breaking point.

This is what we want to avoid.

Start small and grow from there, always respecting your needs. Plan your day and your actions and when they are accomplished be happy and rejoice.

Then relax and integrate the experience.

There’s no need to be in “effort mode” your whole day.

Pick your battles. Then rest without pressure of doing X or Y.

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