The permanent Act of Will

We’ve all heard or met individuals who stop negative habits (or start positive ones) from one day to the next with very little effort and/or side effects.Most likely you also had an uncle or a friend who woke up one day and just decided to quit his 20 years smoking habit. And haven’t smoked since with minimum cravings.

Or someone who decided to be a vegetarian from one day to the next and hadn’t had meat since 1995.

How can someone quit smoking cold turkey or easily transform his diet without feeling cravings or emotional upheavals most people have?

What’s the difference between those who quit smoking cold turkey with no cravings and those who go back and forth and never seem to quit even thought they try 100 different methods.

It’s surely not the traditional concept of will power since one person barely has any cravings, while the other lives with cravings everyday he doesn’t smoke. So, he would in fact need to apply much more of the traditional will power.

The difference is in the act of will. On this case, an act of will that permanently changes your own energy.

A permanent act of will if you must.

A decision you consciously take that changes a crucial and essential part of you.

While the other person who tries the 100 different methods unsuccessfully never actually made that decision. At least on this profound level. Maybe they made the decision on a superficial level, but they never truly wanted it.

This is not related to what they say to themselves. The inner voice is probably the exact same on both cases. But the overall feeling, attitude and energy is completely different.

And this makes all the difference in the world.

In the first case, the decision is 100% accepted (you are surrendering to your decision), while in the other case, you are still resisting the decision.

It’s the same in personal magnetism and sexual energy for example. As long as you keep resisting your decision to be magnetic (or sexual), you can try 100 different methods and you’ll always fail. Once you accept your decision and fully embrace the new energy, the new behaviors and the new thoughts, then you’ll truly change.

That’s why we make such a big deal with the act of will (or will state). It’s the key to unlock many great powers inside of you. That’s why the Act of Will training is freely available to all CS students who are training in a full course. It’s so important that everyone needs to know it.

And we’ve now also integrated it into the updated 10 Steps to Inner Power training with a new video on how to actual use the act of will as a powerful aid in your path to inner power.

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