My Personal Concentration Training

Concentration training is something I personally do every day. Not only do I cultivate a focused approach to everyday life, but I also do my own “formal” practices.It keeps me sharp, alert and awake.

Not just for magnetism and energy uses (where mind power and control is fundamental), but for daily life as well and peak performance at my work.

I hate the feeling of being a zombie in daily life. And I love the feeling of being fully awake and ready for whatever comes my way.

But… I just never realized how much asleep I were until I started to train concentration and mind control.

At some moment during your training, it’s like your mind wakes up. It becomes illuminated, just like if you had drank a strong cup of coffee without the anxiety and jitters associated with it. And, with training, this becomes your permanent way of being.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how much this can affect your life.

If I happen not to train concentration for a while, and not care about it, I notice the quality of my mind deteriorating.

It’s the same feeling as when you don’t do any kind of physical exercise for a while. You feel sluggish and stuck. Sometimes you don’t care about it and it just feels normal, but once you’re back to physical exercise, you notice how sluggish you were.

With the concentration is the exact same feeling. It doesn’t seem much. But when I eventually return to the training, I notice how my mind was slow and dull compared to when I’m actively training and cultivating it on a daily basis.

Then I think: “This is how most people go through the world, on a constant asleep state”.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s a way out.

You can become highly focused in whatever you do: work, interactions, influence, studies… This, in turn, develops your magnetism and influential ability to a high degree.

But it’s not easy.

When you start to train concentration it feels just like going to the gym for the first time in 5 years.


Your muscles aren’t prepared. You can barely run one mile or lift 15 pounds.

Yet, after a while it just feels good!

Especially when you start to lift heavier or run more and get more endurance. When you get a true focus and concentration in your daily life, it feels like you are just in top (mental) shape!

A new Charisma School course on Concentration and Mind Control is coming soon!

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