Personal magnetism goes outside of your comfort zone

When we work in the development of your personal magnetism and charisma, you will inevitable get rid of your own limitations.

And as good as this may sound to you – after all, who doesn’t want to get rid of their own limitations? – it’s also a reason to create resistance.

The removal of limitations means a removal of all points of reference.

We all have our comfort zones. These are habitual feelings and behaviors of what we are comfortable in doing.

For example, maybe your comfort zone is staying in a quiet corner of some social event, with no one paying any attention to you.

You may feel frustrated by this, but it also feels comfortable in a way. It’s what you are used to, and you know very well what to expect from it.

But when you remove your points of reference, you go out of your comfort zone. You no longer know what to expect.

You no longer know how far you can go.

As an example, imagine your resistance to burning is very much improved. You can go longer with your hand in the fire before you actually get burned.

Seems good! But now, to find your new limit, you’ll need to get burned.

And that’s the scaring part. That anticipation until you get burned again.

This is coupled with a whole new different feeling. You begin to “feel yourself” differently.

That’s part of the growth process.

But for those who are used to staying within their comfort zone it can be quite an anxious experience.

At certain moment in your growth process, you need to embrace uncertainty and anxious feelings. You need to experiment with new feelings and new ways of behaving.

That’s the only way to grow.

If you want to continue feeling and doing the exact same you’ve been feeling and doing until now, then don’t bother starting any magnetism program.

But if you want to get out of the rut you may find yourself in and you are willing to embrace uncertainty during the process, then start a magnetic program with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training!

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