Personal Magnetism Manifests Your Reality

Many people don’t understand that what you project to the outside world – aka your personal magnetism – is deciding their fate in life.So your personal magnetism is causing you to win OR to lose opportunities and attracting certain events into
yourself. It’s truly manifesting the reality around you.

For example, when I was younger and my personal magnetism was very weak – way below “normal levels” – I kept being robbed at school, on my way to school and even on random walks through town.

Once I start training my personal magnetism, all of a sudden, I was NEVER robbed again!

This is very easily explained.

In “The Book of Five Rings”, Musashi says: “Your attitude will be recognized by potential enemies and they will prefer to fight someone else.”

I expand this to “Personal Magnetism” since attitude is a very loose concept. My personal magnetism grew, my inner power grew. I was projecting a much more powerful energy, and those around me recognized this, so those with ill intentions no longer wanted to rob me when there were weaker targets nearby.

And actually, I was never targeting the robbings with my personal magnetism training. Quite honestly, on my teenage years, as most teenagers, I just wanted to get a girlfriend. I always assumed these robbings were random
situations that could happen to anyone. Only later did I associate my training with it.

This is a simple example but with it you can understand the power of personal magnetism or the energy you transmit.

Another example was in the use of Sexual Magnetism, which is nothing more than projecting a sexual energy to those around you, which makes them necessarily attracted to you.

There were many male students with zero interest from women before. In other words, their personal magnetism
was not of a sexual nature, and most likely was so weak, they weren’t projecting much.

Once they started the Sexual Energy training, all of a sudden, women started approaching them out of the blue. Sexual interest was now being generated when before there were none.

If you don’t get attention and interest from those of the opposite sex is not because of your looks. Develop the energy, develop the projection, and interest is bound to happen.

The same way I stopped getting robbed, you can start getting attention and sexual interest.

Again, it’s not magic. It’s just changing the energy you are projecting to the outside world.

That’s the beauty of personal magnetism and sexual energy.

For more information on Sexual Energy, start here:

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