Personal Magnetism and Meditation

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“Hi charisma school, first of all I’d like to say i find your mails and videos very helpful and i really enjoy to read and watch the things you write and upload.

Now, my question is what kind of meditation is the most recommended in order to increase my charisma and personal magnetism is it helpful to mix let say chakra meditation and guided hypnotherapy one after the other? and how much time of meditation a day is optimal?”

The term meditation is fairly broad and includes many different types of practices. It’s even hard to create one specific definition since it’s used in so many different ways.

Apparently our reader even includes hypnotherapy in this range, which is not fully wrong.

This discussion could fill many volumes of book, so for the sake of brevity, let’s take the traditional meditation definition of being a means to quiet and transform the mind. It can be used using Buddhist methods, Christian methods, Sufist methods, Yoga methods and so on.

While it’s a great practice that helps you in a range of different ways, it’s not designed to improve personal magnetism or charisma.

Although it can help INDIRECTLY it’s certainly not the main method to improve it. When I say indirectly, I mean it’s for sure useful to recognize your own inner voice and your source of true Will, yet, this alone can have very little impact on your personal magnetism if not supported by the tried and tested methods of improving it.

But then again, it also depends on how you do it, your intention, your methods, and so on.

So this question doesn’t have a clear and immediate answer. While there are individuals who developed a deep personal magnetism with meditation alone, the vast majority does not.

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