Personal Magnetism and the Occult

Theron Q. Dumont, which is supposedly a pseudonym for William Walker Atkinson, writes:

“In all ages there have been a few advanced individuals who have thoroughly understood and employed the force of personal influence. Not only have the occult students of the past possessed this knowledge, and have passed it on to their successors, but many of the greatest men of history have acquired a thorough knowledge likewise, and have employed it in advancing their own interests.”

And a student asked me: “why was this knowledge only available to occult students? Why wasn’t it taught in a traditional school or course?”

When personal magnetism started to be taught in the EUA and some European countries, there was very little knowledge of this energy dimension.

Merely talking about some energetic phenomenon was enough to consider you an outsider to the system. This wasn’t talked or discussed by the common everyday man. Although it was always a source of fascination, it was seen dubiously.

This type of energy knowledge was considered something of the dark ages.

It was relegated to the background, to the outskirts of society and was only taught by those who studied these types of occult matters. Usually the same persons who were doing rituals killing chickens and goats or contacting the dead.

Only them would be studying the energies of the human body from this perspective. Energy work, in the western tradition, wasn’t so culturally common as in the eastern traditions, so the teachers and traditions were also scarce.

Indeed, only occultists were knowledgeable enough to understand these type of teachings since all of this knowledge was scattered among difficult to understand occult books with cryptic symbols.

They didn’t have the same level of information we have now. Just try to learn this type of energy work only with western pre-XIX books and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, with the growth of energy therapies and the release of the old knowledge of the eastern medical systems and traditions, we can now learn and study personal magnetism without needing to buy a cape, a wand and a wizard’s hat.

You don’t need to be stuck to the occult rituals, spiritualism, grimoires and demons if you want to develop your own personal magnetism. It’s now common knowledge to teach and practice energy work on its own.

Fortunately for all of us, we now have enough information to study it and enrich it without killing chickens.

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