Personal Magnetism Vs Body Language

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:

“For the Personal Magnetism course, it covers a wide range of external signals/ body language signals such as eye contact, walk, voice etc… What are the differences between your personal magnetism course and some body language/ non verbal communication training courses?”

There’s a whole world of difference.

Personal Magnetism is a an energetic teaching and not psychological. This course, or any Charisma School course, is not about psychological theories on different kind of movements and postures.

It doesn’t matter if closed arms or legs means you are closed down to outside opinions or if you get an open posture, you’ll be more well liked or by using your touch more, the other person will feel more in tune with you.

Don’t get me wrong, this is all useful and good to learn. It’s just a different technique.

We don’t teach the specific body movements or body language overall to achieve any kind of effect.

What you learn in this course, and in all Charisma School courses pretty much, is on how you can transmit a specific type of magnetic and influential energy.

With Personal Magnetism, you learn the control of this energy and how to transmit it using the external signals like touch, gaze and movement.

It’s the mastery of the energy, and not the mastery of the psychology. Although it’s more work, it’s far more powerful and open more doors for you, giving you an extra dose of influence and attraction.

It doesn’t matter where you place your hands, or your legs… it matters the energy which you do it.

This has a stronger effect and stronger influence without anyone noticing you are even trying!

You can get more information and training in here:

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