What is Personal Magnetism?

Everyone possesses a certain magnetism that cannot be described. On a photograph – without using photoshop – you won’t notice it. You can’t even say what makes that person different when you’re trying to describe it to a friend.Although it cannot be seen, or even described, this is a very important force in life. When you have it, it’s like the doors open up for you. When you miss it, you look at others and think “Why do those people have all the luck?”.

Someone with a magnetic personality, even with little money to begin with, is far more likely to succeed in business than a rich man with a weak personality.

Give me a bet on both, and I’ll place my long term money on the man with the charismatic personality.

Yet, this is not magic.

In fact, there are few persons who are born magnetic, this power is usually acquired by cultivation.

It does not take any more effort to be magnetic than not to be. The same way you learned how to be un-magnetic, you can also learn to be magnetic.

But cultivation of this power doesn’t mean to idly read books about it.

You cannot make yourself magnetic by merely reading books on the subject. No one can impart this power to you, because no one can create power to you.

All power comes from within.

And of all the billions of person out there, there are not two who have the exact same magnetism.

This energy is displayed differently on each person due to their own subconscious influences.

This power and energy is called Personal Magnetism. And this is what we aim to develop in Charisma School.

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>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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