Personal Magnetism without a net

One of the biggest mistakes students make when practicing magnetic techniques is focusing only on “alone” type of exercises while ignoring or forgetting the practice on the day to day life.

Alone exercises are easy in the sense that you don’t need to change much of your personality and the way you’re handling the outside world.

You can do everything in the comfort of your home.

Barely do you leave the comfort zone – only on more advanced internal practices.

This creates a security blanket.

A safe zone where you have the illusion of change without actually changing.

Change only comes with your daily life and the outside world.

Anyone can change without the external inputs. Go now for 6 months to the top of a mountain as a spiritual hermit and you’ll find yourself being all holy and mighty while you’re there.

The problem is when you get back from those 6 months and need to find a job, a house, friends and interact with the outside world.

Then all your previous conditionings hit you like a ton of bricks.

All the previous anxieties and insecurities return.

Simply because you didn’t practice for it. All your practice was alone with no difficulty from the outside world. It’s like playing chess against yourself. Sure you improve and can learn a lot, but then a creative opponent crosses your path and you see moves you never seen before. You’re simply not ready for it.

Don’t get me wrong… alone practice is essential and we recommend many alone and isolated exercises to make sure you understand the concepts.

But the true test of whether you changed and truly grasped the concepts is only when you’re out into the world.

This is the same as when you’re learning something.

Let’s say that you’re learning computer programming. If you’re only following the online tutorials, you can believe you’re a computer whiz in a couple of weeks.

The problem is when you try to create your own projects – with no tutorials helping you. Then the difficulties start to arise. Only at this moment you can truly understand your weak spots.

Learning any type of magnetism is no different. If you’re learning magnetism, the home exercises are like the programming online tutorials.

Taking it into the world is like the real world projects where you’ll work without a net, where you’ll need to understand your weak spots and how to solve them to get to the desired goals.

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