Physical straining in projection? Do you need it?

Here’s a quote from Edmund Shaftesbury:

“All un-magnetic persons lack energetic wills. Only those who are blessed with positive magnetism are able to exert the will at all. Others think they are showing will-power when they are merely exhibiting obstinacy under a closed mind.”

“Intensity is the arousing of the vital centers first; whence their power travels to the whole body. When the Will is at work, the mind usually starts the action.

When the mind is sending forth its streams of energy, then the Will is most dangerous, most effective and most far-reaching, for it is most active.

To sustain the Will, there must be a constant propulsive force, and this comes from tensing the mind, which imparts intensity to all the faculties. By this process, we have the secret of success in the use of the Will.”

He clarifies:

“Some students have fallen into the belief that a physical, a nervous or mental straining is necessary in order to produce the best results in the development of the Will. Such struggling leads only to distraction and confusion; the very influences that are not advantageous.

The most splendid exhibitions of magnetism, and the greatest, have been those wherein there was no struggling to send forth the will, no straining of the voice, no fevered pulsing of the nerves, no tearing of the mind, no severity of the gaze; but, on the other hand, that perfect smoothness that is the result of a consciousness of supreme power. Then is a man or woman most dangerous.”

It’s common for the beginning student to use great muscular force and physical tension in their magnetism or application of the Will.

Yet, as Shaftesbury puts it, that is a mistake. Straining doesn’t help.

But, don’t confuse this with tension energy and its exercises.

Some tension (and straining) may be required on the energy exercises, but very rarely is it required on the actual application, in real life.

The actual application is a lot smoother – and simpler – than this. The goal of the exercises is a generation of energy, while in projection you are applying the energy (which in turn will also generate more).

You don’t to strain or be muscularly tense in the projection or during your normal everyday life.

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