Positive Energy and Good Aura

Here’s an interesting question that’s worth some

“How does one develop positive energy and have a good aura?”

This is a loaded question.

I say this because these are terms often used in all the new age books without really understanding what they really are, and as such, they are very far away from the normal everyday person.

What exactly is “Positive energy”? Or a “good aura”?

Charismatic people are often characterized as having a “good aura” or “positive energy”, so let’s think  about it in this context.

Without entering into deep esoteric theory and just explaining it as a normal everyday man will think about it, we can consider the aura as the general feeling a person has around him.

Let’s say a person is irritated.

If you could “see auras”, maybe you’ll see as a red aura around him. But to the normal everyday man, this just means that the person has many negative, irritating thoughts in his mind and negative activating feelings in his body.

Now, let’s say a person just feels at peace with himself and the world.

Again, if you could “see auras”, maybe you’ll see it as a white or light blue aura around him. Which would mean a person with his mind filled with positive, peaceful and wholesome thoughts and his body with positive and compassionate feelings.

Even if we cannot see it, all of us can at least feel the “aura” of another person (and even our own). We can feel if they are angry or calm, if they are compassionate or egocentric…

Then the feeling we have about others can be stronger or weaker. Some of them really “jump” at you, while others are only there if you really observe them.

This depends on the strength of your energy and projection. Naturally, the more infused with anger you are (in body, mind and energy), the more others will feel it.

It’s only logical.

Now, with that defined, how can we develop a “good aura”?

Naturally only through inner and energetic work.

By developing your own Inner Power, changing your interior, learning how to project your inner qualities, refining your energy and so on.

Which is exactly the kind of work we do at Charisma School. Especially in the Charisma Series training courses that includes the training courses:

10 Steps to Inner Power

Personal Magnetism

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