Is it possible to change your reality?

By experimenting with different reality creation methods students often get mixed success.

Sometimes you get what you want, exactly the way you want.

Other times, you get what you intended, but not what you wanted.

Or, you maybe you simply don’t get what you want. Which is what happens most of the time.

It seems that these methods are completely random and you end up with little control either way.

But it’s not random!

Creating a new reality in your life is nothing more than changing your own energy to the energy of what you want.

Nothing more, nothing less.

If you can achieve this, you’ll be successful in reality creation.

If you can’t achieve this, you won’t. Regardless of the method used.

It’s not about the method, it’s about what happens inside.

Most people can achieve minor energetic changes. Hence a few successes and a whole lot of failures – especially on big life changes where energy change is much harder.

But overall, what you have inside is what you’ll have on the outside.

That’s why there are people who are rich yet have no money, and others who have money but are poor.

An example of this is those who win the lottery. When this fortunate event happens, they become poor people with money. That’s why they lose everything in a few years.

While there are others that, even without having money in the present moment, you can feel that they will be rich. They have the right energy inside of them.

It’s only a matter of time for reality to change and adapt to the internal conditions. Time will give you this balance between inside and outside.

That’s why learning and using energy and magnetic techniques to change your internal buildup, will get you the results on the outside.

It’s inevitable.

It’s simply a matter of balance, just like a thermostat will balance the temperature at a given set point.

We created “Magnetic Manifestation” for you to learn this blueprint of masterful techniques and formulas for interfacing magnetism and reality.

For you to set the temperature in the thermostat!

It implements an unique tapestry and vision that allows you to create the reality you want for your life.

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