Principles of Application of Charisma

Theron Q. Dumont, which is supposedly a pseudonym for William Walker Atkinson, writes:

“While everyone believes in the existence of personal magnetism, scarcely anyone possesses knowledge of the real nature of the same, much less a working knowledge of its principles of application”

Everyone around the world believes one way or another on the existence of charisma. There are hundreds of videos and courses trying to explain it.

They look at the body language, the behaviors, the tone of voice among many other external factors.

Or they talk about seemingly abstract concepts like “you need to be confident”.

Yet, they miss the most important factor:

The actual energy that emanates from inside of you.

Without it, all the outside factors will mean very little.

They may even seem fake.

With it, you achieve a power not accessible simply by mimicking certain gestures and behaviors.

Simply because the energy can’t be faked. Either it’s there or it isn’t.

Some lucky few were born with it. Most of us, if we want to achieve it, need to have a “working knowledge of its principles of application”.

There’s no other way around it.

It’s true that it takes work. But at least you gain a skill for life. A skill that can advance your life beyond to what you think possible.

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