Projection of Sexual Energy

In the beginning of my training with Fabricio, after the initial preliminary training of sexual energy, I could feel the sexual energy strongly in me. I though I had a somewhat good mastery over it.Then he told me:

“Your are projecting as much sexual energy, as that chair.”

It wasn’t a particularly sexual chair!

As you can imagine, I was extremely pleased when I heard that *** irony in action! ***

He saw my disappointed face and said:

“Generating sexual energy is only the first step; if you are afraid to project it, then you only gain some internal benefits but not external”

*** My comment: In other words, you won’t get laid!

“You are holding back the sexual energy in you. Your voice doesn’t project it, your movement doesn’t project it, your touch doesn’t project it.”

“It’s not enough to only feel your sexual energy. Without projection nothing can be achieved.”

It was an important lesson for me. I developed a good deal of sexual energy, but I was holding it back. I was actually preventing the energy to come out.

Then the projection of sexual magnetism training began and it all changed.

On many students, the problem is not the lack of sexual energy or it’s awareness. The problem is their blocking it to the outside.

And if you are blocking it, then you only get the internal emotional and well being benefits of it.

Which are good on their own, but probably not the main reason of why you want to develop sexual energy.

Awaken your sexual energy with the training Sexual Energy Mastery:

And learn how to project it with the Sexual Magnetism training:


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