Public Speaking and Charisma

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“Would you agree public speaking skills are necessary to have charisma?”

I would say more of a nice bonus. Just because someone isn’t trained in public speaking, doesn’t mean this person is not charismatic or magnetic.

What if you have no need for public speaking in your professional and personal life? Should you get trained in it anyway just to develop charisma?

Naturally not. It’s a good training for sure, but not absolutely necessary to develop charisma.

Magnetism, as we teach it, is seen in the overall approach to life and interactions between individuals, not just on a stage or when you have an audience.

There are other approaches which work charisma only for public speaking, which is good if you only need it for that particular reason.

Public speaking is a set of skills in where you can project your own magnetism; but if this is the only place where you can project your magnetism and charisma, something is wrong.

How about the rest of your life?

How about having enough influence over yourself as well as others?

Achieving what you truly want to achieve? Influencing in your daily life? Attracting your soul mate? Developing enough sexual magnetism to elicit sexual responses in those you come across? Inspiring the persons that you meet in the bus stop using normal everyday interactions?

All these things can be improved with personal magnetism training.

Start this personal magnetism journey with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

Followed by the Personal Magnetism training where we focus on the more exterior aspects:

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