Here’s an important question from a student:

“I’m one of the few million people quarantined at home due to the coronavirus. Do you have any advice for me at this time?”

A couple of weeks ago everything seemed normal. It was a normal work week with our normal affairs. Then each day, as the corona virus news start hitting, life started to change.

I’m also on the same boat, isolated at home, same as you. In fact, I’m sure many of us will be, at one time or another, quarantined at home for an extended period of time with little to no “normal” social interactions.

It’s a big blow to our lifestyle as we can’t do many of the activities we want to do; particularly those that take place outside or with other people.

Sometimes reality smacks you in the head.

Setbacks and negative events occur, whether as an individual or on a global scale – like this one -, and we need to be ready for them.

Regardless of how good your magnetism is (or whatever other internal trait you may have developed), you’re not going to stop a global pandemic and all its consequences for your lifestyle.

But you can make the most of it!

This is the time where your inner power, concentration, energy and mind control training come in handy. You train them so that you can use them when it counts.

And you’ll sure going to need it to keep your sanity and come out of this period stronger instead of weaker.

That’s my plan.

It’s much easier to sit in the couch and binge watch netflix or spend the whole day reading news about the virus.

But that would be a waste of time.

You would come out of this period feeling worse than before. Your life was only put on hold and you were giving in to your mental cravings without using your Will.

Nothing good will come out of it.

Personally, I’m following a good mental, body and energetic discipline and have internal goals (for my own development) as well as external, business goals for this period.

The Will and mind control are now a central aspect of our training!

If you don’t control your mind and energy with a powerful Will, you’ll sure give in to the cravings, the frustration, and be on an upheaval of emotions during most of the the isolation time.

Instead, by using your Will, you can come out of this period stronger and better!

Take this opportunity to grown your own magnetism, deepen your awareness and control your mental state. You’ll sure need it since isolation can take its toll.

Although you can currently be limited in your practice of influencing and social skills, it’s the time to prepare your own mind, body and energy with “alone” practices.

The ones you were too busy to do before but make a huge difference on your magnetism.

This is the time to boost yourself so that when life comes back to normal and everyone will want to make up for the lost time, you are not only the same person you were before, but a new and improved version!

All Charisma School students who need to adapt the training for this period can email me for more personal and customized advice.

Stay strong!