Radical honesty with your outcomes

It’s easy to fall prey to mental illusions and imaginations regarding energy and magnetism.

Your desires and expectations can often make you see things that aren’t there.

This doesn’t help you in your quest for magnetism, where you need complete transparency and honesty to evolve.

Imaginary situations will only sidetrack you and bring you to an alternative reality that only exists inside your own mind.

And that’s a real danger since it won’t allow you to evolve or face your limitations. We all like to be the hero of our own story since facing our weaknesses and failures is a lot harder.

They are the true culprit that doesn’t allow you to be where you want to be, and only with radical honesty with yourself can you move past them.

You must understand your failures, WHY you failed, what happened, how you can improve, and so on.

You may also quickly dive into a pit of depression by saying everything you do is wrong, how screwed you are, etc. That’s not the goal, and that further deviates you from the path.

The goal is to take a hard look at yourself with a rational mind that is not looking to blame anyone but to find the problems and weaknesses that need improvement. Like you are a scientist attempting to analyze a problem.

Suppose you’re not getting the results you’re expecting. In that case, you need to admit that and take a good hard look at what you are doing and how you are failing – without blame or sadness – but instead with a rational, scientific mindset.

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