Remember the Energy Buildup

It’s not enough to do a training – regardless if it’s the 10 Steps, Magnetic Gaze, Sexual Energy, and so on – and then, when you are done, forget about it thinking you already mastered the material.

No, you haven’t. You need to maintain your power and, most importantly, use it often.

A common problem of some students is trying to use some influence technique in some important moment, but without having a sufficiently developed energy, whether from not having truly focused on the training, or by forgetting to use it after they “graduate”.

So, if you have done the training, then completely forget about it for a few months, you can’t expect to just use the techniques normally after this down period. Most likely they won’t work very well for you.

This is only common sense.

Let’s say you take a computer programming course. You learn a lot and do a few interesting programs. Then the course is over and you never use this skill again. A year later you want to create a program. What happens?

Most likely you need to brush up your skills again. It won’t take as long as the first course, but you still need to revisit your notes and take some time to recall the material.

It’s the same with the energy.

You don’t need to do the training again, but you sure need to spend a couple of weeks generating the energy inside of you once more.

Don’t expect that you can just take it from where you left off. These techniques require an “energy buildup” that takes time to create. It’s like you need to fill the tank again. Your mind, body and energy should be again in alignment and focused on this goal.

And the same technique used to cram for an exam the night before doesn’t work here. The buildup over some time is necessary.

The exception to this rule is if you had already spent years using these techniques and you are very used to manipulating energy. In other words, your body and brain is already wired for this energy… like a native speaker. Then if you don’t care much about it for a few months, you can just do a few exercises the day before and you’ll be good to go.

But it takes years of intense usage to reach this level of proficiency.

My recommendation is never letting it die completely. Especially not on an initial phase.

The critical period is right after the course is finished.

You can’t forget about the maintenance exercises or actually using your skill in your day to day life. The more you use it, the more it will be there when you really need it and the more tension energy will continue to circulate powerfully inside of you.

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