Repression of Sexual Energy

Our sexual energy has been compartmentalized. It’s been put in a small box and can only be used Saturday night when the lights are out.We’ve been told that we should hide our sexual energy in our daily lives. Don’t show it, repress it.

Yet, we are forced feed sexual images in advertising, TV and Internet every minute of our day.

We have lost our true sense of feeling and being aware of our sexual energy, which was replaced it with a kind of pseudo-sexuality, approved by society.

A sexuality that has its boundaries. Outside of it, it shouldn’t be spoken about or acted upon.

As a result, our sexual energy becomes repressed and separated from our true self. It becomes just another thing we do, another hobby or job.

Sexual energy is present in all of us. Our hormones are constantly reminding us of this. Yet, from an early age we are taught to repress this energy in several ways.

Nobody taught has us how to handle that sudden influx of energy we get when we see an attractive person or an erotic scene in the movies.

Without knowing what to do, we just do whatever is best at the moment: repress it. Avoid it. Hide it.

What we should be doing is handling it. To become aware and direct this energy to where we need it the most.

And for our purposes here in Charisma School, to transform it into Sexual Magnetism where it can be used to work in our favour in generating attraction and pull others into you.

Learn how with our Sexual Magnetism course:

Sexual Magnetism

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