Sex Rules the World

We all know sex and sexual energy rules the world.

Wars are started (and ended) due to sex. Criminals are arrested due to their passions. Businesses are created due to the sexual impulses of entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to admit it or not, sex has a big importance in today’s world, including in YOUR life and decisions.

Don’t fool yourself.

This is on your mind, the same way as it’s on my mind. If can be a conscious awareness, or an unconscious one (where you make decision made on sex but without consciously recognizing it), but it’s there.

The more unconscious sexual energy is in your life, the less control you have over it. Including, often times, making bad decisions due to the lack of control on your sexual energy. Or transmuting this energy into a creative pursuit or longer work hours, for example.

This is specially important in today’s world where everywhere you turn you can see a billboard or an ad that increases your sex desires.

If sex was already ruling the world in the past, before the influx of sexually explicit ads, videos and photos, then it’s even truer now.

That’s why awareness AND control over your sexual energy is of vital importance!

By undergoing a sexual energy training you are gaining a control over your decision process that you never had before.

I can look back into my own life and notice many decisions I’ve done due to my uncontrolled sexual energy, even without knowing what it was at that time. I’ve also spent some time transmuting this energy without knowing what I was doing.

It doesn’t matter if you usually take good decisions or bad decisions due to your sexual energy, but the more you can understand it and become aware of it, the more you can fully control your decision process and outcomes.

Freud discovered the role our libido has in mental (and somatic) illnesses. But its role goes far beyond illnesses and affect everything you do.

Don’t leave it up for your unconscious to manage your sexual energy. Understand it and control it!

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