Your sexual desire and your sexual energy

Here’s an interesting question from a CS student:

“Is having sexual desire the same as having sexual energy?”

Simply put: sexual desire is not sexual energy.


Sexual energy can be more easily found when you strip away all the “baggage” from the sexual desire and just end up with the pure energy that originated the desire in the first place.

It’s similar to the difference between a lump of coal and a diamond. The desire is the lump of coal that through a refining and polishing process will turn into a diamond (sexual energy).

That’s what we work on the Sexual Energy Mastery training.

We elicit the desire but use specific techniques to isolate this precious energy liquid from the baggage”, which may specifically be: bodily tensions, energy blocks, psychological issues, traumas, limiting beliefs, and so on.

This “baggage” is what creates the aura of desperation that can often be smelled in every horny loser in a bar. And that’s also the reason of why most of them don’t emit any kind of sexual energy. If having sexual desire was the same than having sexual magnetism, then all the losers would be radiating it!

It’s not like they don’t have it.

They have it – as we all do – but it’s so hidden away inside all that crap that they can’t feel it or project it.

Think of sexual energy as a pure form of all desire, free from labels, attachments, repression and blocks.

So to really understand sexual energy you must remove the usual psychological conceptions that surround the sexual desire.

To get there, the easier path is to start with this huge lump of desire and keep digging, polishing and refining your own internal energy until you get to true diamond of sexual energy.

That’s exactly what you’ll do in Sexual Energy Mastery training.

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