Sexual Energy Development

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“How long does it take to get familiar with the feeling of sexual energy?”

This is a though question to answer since, as you can imagine, it depends on several variables.

Let’s say that you’re already trained in some sort of energy arts (like yoga, qigong, taichi, etc), Iwould say that it would be very quick.

Sexual energy is just a different type of energy, so if you can already recognize one subtle energy, it would be very easy to recognize another one.

In other words, your level of body and overall energy awareness is directly correlated to how fast (or how slow) it will take you to recognize and use your feelings of sexual energy.

If you’ve never trained in any kind of energy arts, then it might take you a bit longer since you need to first recognize all the subtle feelings in your body that you are not usually conscious.

The good news is that after the development of sexual energy, it would be considerably easier to develop any other kind of energy or energy art due to the awareness and release you develop.

But then there’s another variable which is the repression of the sexual energy. Unlike other types of energy, sexual energy is very “emotionally charged”.

Most likely you’ve been conditioned to repress it from an early age, and as such, it takes a different set of skills to set it free.

However, once it’s released, it completely revolutionizes the way you relate to others. The deeper the blocks, the bigger the revolution.

This is precisely what we train in the Sexual Magnetism training course. More information here:

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