Sexual Energy, Hidden in Plain Sight

In the beginning of my learning experience, I would often ask myself why some people are so successful at attracting others from the opposite sex (and often the same sex as well!), while others just seemed to live in some sort of sexual desert.Before, I just assumed it was related to what they dressed, or how rich they are, or their looks.

Yet, Fabricio wanted to destroy this belief of mine at all costs, so he kept pointing out people who are very successful yet, were exact opposites of those beliefs.

After I’ve seen many examples that seemed to contradict my own unwritten “theory of attraction”, I was convinced that there was something else at play here.

It’s a certainty that looks, clothes, wealth, all influence the attraction, yet, it’s very far from being the only thing. Especially when there are people who seemed to be master seducers even without having any of those things.

This is when Fabricio introduced me to Sexual Magnetism. An apparent “magical” quality that draws other people to you based on your own sexual energy.

But this is very far from “magic”.

Especially after you understand its basis, you are able to realize that it’s no more supernatural than electricity. It just seems that way if you’ve never seen it before.

When you are able to understand and feel your own body energies, you are also be able to feel your own sexual energy (or lack thereof). And when this happens, a whole new world opens up.

It’s a world you never knew it existed.

In this world you EXPERIENTIALLY understand that the energy you radiate determines the way people perceive and interact with you.

If there’s no sexuality in your energy, you can’t expect people to interact with you in a sexual way or to elicit sexual reactions.

This fact is hidden in plain sight. It’s just obvious when you can truly feel the energies of your body.

This is precisely what we train in the Sexual Magnetism training course. More information here:

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