How are your Sexual Energy Levels?

A reader of this newsletter asked me:“How do I know if I already have a high sexual energy?”

This easily deducted.

Considering you lived in society at least for the past 15 years or so, you can analyze:

If you have had many girlfriends or women sexually attracted to you until now.

or, on the opposite:

You HAVEN’T had many girlfriends or women attracted to you until now.

Remember that you need to think in terms of sexual attraction.

Maybe you’ve had your fair share of girlfriends, yet, the sex drive of most of them was very low. This means you are not attracting sexual women to your life. Which also means your sexual energy may not be that high.

When your sexual energy is high, you tend to be much more attracted to women whose sex drive is high, and them to you.

The bad news (or good for some!) is that our sexual energy (and life) patterns tend to be relatively stable, if not many external or internal factors change.

Which means that, if you’re comfortable with the results you’ve been having, then good for you! You know exactly what lies for you ahead.

But if you intend to change this part of your life, then certain actions and training must be taken to change.

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