Sexual Energy Ninja

For me, the most amazing aspect of sexual magnetism is its “stealthiness”.

Other people have no – conscious – awareness of whether you are projecting sexual energy or not.

They simply start to feel sexual attraction without knowing why.

On the surface level, everything seems normal. You are simply having an interaction, talking about random topics like the weather or your last trip to China.

Yet, under the surface, every word you say is infused with sexual energy. Or each time you look into her (or his) eyes.

It’s only a matter of time until the other person feels infused with this sexuality.

In fact, the stronger your projection and magnetism are, the easier and faster they will get infused with it.

If you think about it, that’s the way the world works.

Most people have no idea why they are attracted to someone else. Sure, you may have an idea: “I like blonds” or “I like brunettes”, but overall, people can’t truly identify the specifics.

What exactly do you like or how exactly is the other projecting her sexuality.

When you are a sexual energy ninja, not only can you identify the specific projections of sexual energy of someone else, but you can also specifically project your own.

Better yet, you can increase or decrease the intensity of your sexual energy projections. This is very useful for all those situations where you can’t really have any type of overt sexuality and flirting, yet, you still want to attract the other person.

One student actually used this with his boss(!). Although it’s not exactly an approach I would recommend (if your relationship goes sideways, so will your job!), but it worked well for him as he actually married her.

All he had to do was to constantly project sexual energy as he was interacting with her in a very low intensity manner.

This constant bombardment of energy was inevitably too much to resist.

This is not hard to learn and use.

Understanding the energy in itself is taught on Sexual Energy Mastery and the specific mechanisms of projection – including the increasing/decreasing intensity – are taught on Become a Sexual Man.

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